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THRIVE Sober Program




3 Weeks


About the Course

Have you ever wanted to get successfully sober but don't know where or how to start? Have you found the desire to quit drinking and felt a strong desire for expansive, actionable but easy to digest information on how to navigate sobriety? Are you doing sobriety but feel stuck, or like something is missing, or you are not sure you are achieving as much 'emotional' sobriety as you would like? 

The THRIVE Sober online emotional sobriety course is expansive, but bite sized, allowing you to navigate all the sober 'firsts' with more confidence and ease. This course will teach you techniques and strategies to approach, navigate and overcome the highs and lows of removing alcohol from your life. Each section contains exercises and encourages different perspectives to set you up for success moving forward. 

This program is next level learning that will push you to challenge yourself but also give you reassurance and comfort. It has been written to support any and every stage of sobriety from the sober-curious to already sober but desiring an extra hand to hold. 

This learning combines deep experience, tried and tested techniques, science, compassion, self-development, and self-coaching tools. If commitment and openness is applied thoroughly you will learn, grow, and flourish in sobriety instead of feeling fear, anxiety, and shame. 

This course will make the difference. 

Your Instructor

Sassy Sober Mum

Sassy Sober Mum (Teri MacGilbert) has been helping people get and stay successfully sober since 2019. With a successful Podcast and a thriving online support community, Teri is also a Public speaker, an emotional sobriety coach and trainee therapist.

Sassy Sober Mum
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