Red wine

I savour the first sip,

Spiced, burgundy fire laminates and slips down my throat, 

That first swallow. 



Its melts through my veins, 

Oozing and fierce, the power grips and holds me to ransom. 

I submit control and pour another glass. 

I’m free. 


Several strong sips later, 

The world is amiss and I am alive,

Or least I think I am.

I’m floating.  


I swivel and cave, 

My judgement weak, my resolve weaker, 

but no one can stop me now. 

I’m there. 


I question another bottle, this is fun right? 

Why not, I’ll just have one more. 

One more, 

Just one,

Always More. 


I’ve lost track of time now, it’s dark, 

Inside and out. 

I’m lonely. 

One more. 


Mouth blackened, tongue red, 

I whittle off to bed. 

Lights off outside, 

Lights off inside. 




How did I get here?

Its dark inside my mind,

I’m not sure of the steps I took 

My memory is blind.

How did YOU get here? 

The puzzle has no board, 

The pieces, jagged, scattered around

Something’s untoward. 

How do I get out of here?

Retrace my steps I try, 

Walking hot, the heat inside

Strangers pass me by. 

I feel like death warmed up, 

Hangovers are pain, 

Aches that squirm around my bones, 

Terror from the shame. 

My friend Sobriety

Your arms are there wide open, unrelenting and ready to catch me, 

Embracing every fibre, no judgement, complaints, I’m happy. 


You shine a light in my darkest moments, you never fail to help, 

Seeing you is looking at myself, with you my fears just melt. 


I’m grateful for your guiding force, the course in which I’m free, 

I won't take you for granted new friend, you are Sobriety.