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More about Sassy Sober Mum

Hi I’m Teri.  I live on the south coast of England with my husband and 3 daughters.  


I decided to quit drinking on 29th April 2019, after too many years of drinking more than I wanted to. At first, drinking was fun and relaxing and a way to connect with friends and peers, but it progressed into drinking alone and often without an ‘off switch’, and that began to really bother me. 

I had tried two bouts of sobriety before eventually quitting for good. I knew giving up was a desire buried deep within me but I got really good at ignoring it, and continued drinking and feeling horribly hungover for years. 

When I got into my 40’s, I just decided enough was enough. Alcohol wasn’t serving me and I was desperate to learn another way of living. I took the very brave decision to stop drinking after another very messy night out with the girls and so here I am.


I am now writing a book of my experience in getting sober in an attempt to help others and I also run my own podcast show sharing other peoples stories of alcohol and sobriety. 


Sober Stories Podcast

Listen to other people stories of sobriety on my UK Top 20 'Sober Stories from Everyday People' podcast. 

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