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You don't have to feel isolated, you are not alone. 

There are so many people embarking on the journey to remove alcohol from their lives. I speak to people every day who are feeling fed up of their drinking habits. Alcohol is taking over the focus of their weeks and they want to be free from it.  

I want to reassure you that you can absolutely be free from the chains of alcohol. You do not need a big rock bottom story to stop drinking and even if you've been a big drinker for a long time, you can still quit and be even happier. 

Working at home


Connection. Education. Support.

Hands Up


THRIVE Community is a private membership group with like-minded women, who are working towards for the same shared goal: to live a long and happy alcohol-free life.

THRIVE is also more than just a group chat. THRIVE is hosted on a premium platform that's designed specifically for educational communities. Its user friendly and beautifully laid out, displaying clever categorisation by separating events, resources, conversations, community, courses and FAQs. 

Alongside the library of videos, tips and weekly live sessions you will receive regular updates and check-ins with Sassy Sober Mum, as well as weekly group Zoom Q&A sessions. 

'Thriving, not just surviving'. 

How it works

You can join the THRIVE Community by clicking the Join Now button below. Once you have completed the subscription payment process you will be re-directed to set up an account in the THRIVE Community platform. 

Upon entering THRIVE you will be immediately directed to the 'Start Here' section, where you can gain insight into navigating the platform. There is also an 'Ask Teri' space where you can ask me anything.  

The membership fee is £20 per month which can be cancelled at any time, but I would encourage you to remain in the group for at least 3 months, as this will allow you to build relationships and make the most of the tools available. Refunds (of current months only) will be considered in exceptional circumstances. 


 Everyone is welcome but you must be 100% committed to sobriety to make it fair on everyone else in the group. This community is not really suited to the sober curious (people considering sobriety but aren't quite there yet), we ask you to be sober or really trying to be sober with 100% commitment to the process.  

You also acknowledge you are not getting trained medical help. If you require a medical detox please, visit a doctor before entering, as we cannot prescribe medication or offer advice on extreme physical withdrawal. 

"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." — Thomas Paine, American Founding Father

THRIVE Member 

“I have only been on here 2 days and my goodness its a really wonderful group."


"The kindness and encouragement is amazing."


“I've now been sober 6 months and I couldn't have done it without this group of caring women”

What you can expect from THRIVE Community.

- Women that support each other and raise each other up. 

- A safe place to share your fears and concerns. 

- Guidance on how to get emotionally sober. 

- Understanding and compassion for you sober highs and lows. 

- A deep connection with people who just 'get it. 

- Tips, great book recommendations, podcast ideas, AF drinkspo...and much much more...

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