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THRIVE Sober Coaching

I specialise in emotional sobriety coaching which is essentially living an alcohol free life without any desire to drink. Emotional sobriety takes some time to achieve and it's not a guaranteed outcome just because you stop drinking. Some people might never achieve emotional sobriety if they don't do the work to remove the desire to drink and learn how to live a full life without substances (or numbing the hard parts of life out).  


I have lived and breathed the ups and downs of problematic drinking and I know first hand how it derails your happiness. Having been sober since 2019 (my third attempt) and helping many people by sharing the strategies that helped me, I also qualified in Life Coaching and Addiction Counselling Skills, to strengthen my coaching expertise.  With a large audience on instagram, a growing online community platform and a UK Top 20 podcast, I have been helping people get and stay successfully sober for almost 3 years. It's work I am very passionate about and very, very proud of. 


Everyone is different when it comes to coaching but there are some fundamental similarities in our journey's to live a happy and content life without alcohol. When we stop drinking, we often find ourselves unsure of who we really are, who we are going to be and how we fit into the new world around us. We can suddenly feel emotions we might not be familiar or comfortable with and we often lack connection with people who just 'get us'.

Knowing how to break free from alcohol is one thing (and it's a big thing), but once you put the drink down, you realise there is a lot of work to do around how to reframe life through this new sober lens. There's a multitude of challenges to face, all of which can be turned into opportunities for growth and self development, and thats where I fit in. I coach you to turn your fears into strengths and opportunities, and to lean into the discomfort rather than avoid it. 

I ultimately work with you to understand what your goals look like, help you to achieve them and support you along every step of the way. 

Which option is right for you? 

My coaching is tailored to your specific needs and challenges in sobriety. Whether you are looking to start your sober journey, or you are already sober but need help, I am here to set you on the path to emotional sober freedom.


My coaching sessions are 50 minutes where you can expect to be listened to, supported, learn practical tools and be set relevant tasks to work on in between sessions. These tasks are designed to push you out of your comfort zone, reconnect with who you are and help you shift your perspective. 


Ultimately, I am the champion in your corner. I too have struggled with drinking and failing to moderate allowing me to deeply understand where you are and how to help you. In addition to my life experience, I have gained training in many methodologies, practices and  gained relevant certifications. I am always learning and continue to strive for coaching excellence as well as abiding by the ICF code of conduct.


Finally, I passionately believe it doesn't need to take a long time to change your life. Mindset shifts and lightbulb moments can happen in minutes, if the right questions are asked.  I know (and have been told) I have an instinct for what is needed and how to help people. This instinct cannot be easily taught in classrooms, it's a feeling and a knowing I have developed through many hours of intense reflection, listening, learning, training and putting into practice. 


Understand what is holding you back from moving towards emotional sobriety


Learn how alcohol affects the mind, body and nervous system


Build sober confidence, self compassion and coping skills to thrive in life

“Teri was honest about where I was going wrong which helped me realise I had to do the work and properly commit. I'm so glad I did it though."

Lucy, England

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All coaching is available by application as places are limited.

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