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Emotional Sobriety Coaching

With four years of successful sobriety under my belt and a growing online sober community, podcast and membership platform, I am delighted to offer a more personalised coaching service for those who want it. My coaching has helped thousands of people get and stay successfully sober, which I see as an honour and a gift. I love helping people identify what is not working for them, whilst creating solutions and strategies to help them flourish in life, and in sobriety. Seeing people grow from strength to strength brings me great joy and I 100% believe that anyone can change with the right mindset, tools, openness and commitment. I recommend people work with me for a minimum of 3 sessions to get the most value from our time together. 

Which option is right for you? 

My coaching is tailored to your specific needs and challenges in sobriety. Whether you are looking to start your sober journey, or you are already sober but need help, I am here to coach you to emotional sober freedom.


My coaching sessions are 50 minutes and you can expect to learn practical tools and be set tasks to work on in between sessions.


Ultimately, I am the champion in your corner. I too have struggled with drinking and failing to moderate so I understand where you are and how to help you. I also passionately believe it doesn't need to take a long time to change your life. Mindset shifts and lightbulb moments can happen in minutes if the right questions are asked. 


Understand what is holding you back from moving towards emotional sobriety


Learn how alcohol affects the mind, body and nervous system


Build sober confidence, self compassion and coping skills to thrive in life

“Teri asked me questions I'd never thought of before and this helped me to understand why I wasn't being successful at quitting drinking."

Lucy, England

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All coaching is available by application as places are limited.

Please write a brief explanation of what you are hoping to achieve. 

Are you ready to change your life? 

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