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Re-connecting with early sobriety

Hey folks, its been a while. Well, it's actually been about a year since I wrote on this blog, but at the moment I have a strong desire to write, so here I am.

I’m coming up to 3 years sober in April 2022. It's unbelievable how long that feels and how quickly it's flown by. I feel almost like a completely different person, even to the one who was writing the last blog post about the lessons I learned in early sobriety. Reading back through some of my older blogs reminds me of how intense early sobriety is. My tone of voice was different, more sharp perhaps, whereas now I am more mellow in my thoughts and feelings around alcohol. I even edited out so much of my last post because I didn’t like my own slant on things.

These days, I am still listening to so much sobriety content and at the moment I am making my way through This Naked Mind reader stories. I love hearing about peoples journey with alcohol and getting sober, especially when I can really relate to them. I probably still listen to up to an hour on most days.

Finally, I have started writing a book about my drinking and my journey into sobriety. Its a very cathartic experience writing about my past and how it has led me to where I am now, and I'm really enjoying it. Like all things though, time is precious and I always feel like I have so little of it to do the actual writing bit. It may take some time to finish but writing a book is a desire I’ve had since my mid-20’s, when I first started reading self help books and changing my perspective on life. It feels right to write and ultimately I would love to help and support people thinking about giving up alcohol, so it is congruent with where I am in life.

Watch this space. For now, I look forward to 3 years sober rolling by in April. I’ll probably celebrate I the same way I did last year, which was to eat a whole chocolate Colin the Caterpillar cake bought from Marks & Spencer!

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